Welcome to Jlab Nutrition & Consulting

The website and brand plan Jlab Nutrition Consulting is a consulting and guidance in nutrition and training to achieve your physique goals. Celebrity trainer/nutrition consultant Julian Naidoo has been at it since 1999 and has since then transformed the body shape of hundreds of individuals. My experience has been from helping clients from long term obesity to the skinny guy that wants to be buff to taking care of some of the most prominent athletes, celebrities and models. My methods employ exercise and dietary methods that radically re sculpt the body from the very first month with compromising metabolism. ‘ Its so important to teach people how to achieve results and boost metabolism so that once they have lost the body fat they can easily keep it off and make it a lifestyle’’ So many diets and plans will get the weight and body fat off but your metabolism will come to a grinding halt or they become unsustainable. My plan is to help remold and reshape the body like a sculptor does to art. The plan emphasis on resistance training, cardiovascular training and an intelligent eating plan ensure the results are achieved and sustainable. All this is put together for the individual to help transform….