Female Results

Kirsten Jade Nel


I started competing 2 years ago, and in those 2 years I have trained with and have met a number of personal trainers and coaches.

Although I felt I looked good on stage, I felt terrible afterward and had trouble getting my physique back into pre-competition shape. The reasons varied from the fad diets I was put onto, as well as the methods used for dropping water for the shows.

I then decided to change trainers, as I realized that I was doing damage to my body which would only manifest in years to come. Some of my previous trainers even recommended that I start to take chemicals and injections, although I was only 18 years old at the time.

After much research and the numerous persons that recommended him, I decided to contact Julian.  I wasn’t going to rush into anything as I had done previously, as I had learned to get to know the personal trainers methods before starting a professional relationship with them.

I wouldn’t call Julian just a “personal trainer”, he is a wellness coach, he is a nutritionist and most importantly he is very knowledgeable about this industry. I know a few athletes that are being trained by Julian all of which have raved about him and his methods.

My personal experiences working with Julian:

have been nothing less than professional, ethical, honest, and motivational, something I had not experienced with any of my previous coaches, and He is a great man to work with. Whenever I am feeling demotivated or have any questions to ask, Julian replies within minutes.

I would recommend Julian’s services to any person, whether an athlete wanting to compete, or an individual wanting to get their body into shape.  Julian is attentive, constructive in his criticism, and encouragement.

Eleanor Nel


After training for several years I felt I needed to take my training to the next level, I decided to hire a personal trainer. I went with Julian Naidoo.

This was my turning point, the point at which I gained knowledge and understood how my body reacted to certain situations. My trainer assessed my physique, understood what my goals were.

He then gave me an eating and training plan that would see impressive results over several months.
I finally understood that what I put in my mouth is what eventually shapes me. I have become body proud and knowledgeable about my body and its endless limitations.
My results would not have been achievable without the support and guidance from my trainer Julian Naidoo as well as the most influential person who inspires me to reach deep within myself and be the best that I can be is the love of my life, my husband and child. Love you guys!


Welkom Classic (WPF) Bikini 0/30 2010 1st and Overall
Silverstar Classic (WPF) Bikini U1.63 2010 5th
WPF SAs Bikini U1.63 2010 2nd
IFBB Central Gauteng Provincial Fitness Bikini 0/30 2011 1st
Boksburg Classic Bikini U1.63 2011 3rd
IFBB SA’s Fitness Bikini U1.63 2011 5th
SA X-Treme Fitness Bikini U1.63 2012 6th
Body Beautiful Body Classic 2012 2nd
Rossi Classic Toned Bikini 2012 2nd
All Africa Figure Performance 2012 1st


Lejeune Barlett


Chantel van der Westhuizen 


Mel Thobei

I started out with Jules at the end of 2017, and I haven’t looked back since.

He’s a true coach, who doesn’t enforce things on you that you are not comfortable with. Although he has over 20 years of experience in the industry, my opinions always matter, and he is always up to trying new methods should I suggest anything.

He has a great relationship with all his clients and athletes, he treats us like family. So trust that you are in good hands!

Blessing Christopher 

I am Blessing Christopher a young lady who currently is based in Pretoria.

Mind you I am from a highly active background and growing up being an active child. Playing a certain sport at school and doing contemporary dancing which I did for a good 3 years outside of school though on days where I had free time. I honestly never liked the fact that it took more of my time and never got time to socialize with my friends by that time but did it anyway because my mother thought I liked doing it and she always said I was good at it by that time.

Anyway, let me get to the main point I started training in 2014 September after I went through a process of depression for a good 3 months in hospital just after I had lost my mother. Right there I knew certain things had to change I needed something different and to take charge of my health not only mentally but physically too.

Trained for a good 4 years by that time I was still trying to learn my body in terms of its weakness and strength. But honestly, I was passionate about fitness, I manage to drop a couple of weight all by myself and in the 3rd year, I then decided to take up a personal trainer just for extra guidance. I trained with him and even became one of his reliable clients until I sat him down at one point and told him that I wanted to go into bodybuilding.

He was so supportive and told me that I should go for it, but what I will need is to look for a good coach because he was not familiar with the bodybuilding side. I then took roughly a good month or to scouting for a good coach until I came across Jules JLAB page that is when I knew I had found my coach.

I started with Jules in March 2019, we meet up and discussed my goals. I told him I wanted to compete at the shows and that I was eager to start right away. Honestly, I am totally happy with my coach. By choosing him to coach me, the body transformation that we together have achieved so far is amazing. We are still yet to achieve more I am in totally good hands Jules, we will know as JLAB, knows his stuff.

I know some might say she is just a new bee but hey they should watch the space; I love this sport and the challenges it brings along. I am not one that gives up very easily, especially, when I am determined in being one of the best. Being a JLAB athlete I know for sure I will be one of the best, I am passionate about it and all the guidance that I’m getting from my coach, it takes hard work and trusting the process



Monique Giraud


the photo on left is from December 2018 at a stage weight of 42kgs
the photo on right was taken October 2019 at a stage weight of 50kgs.better toned physique.


Marisca De Beer

Annelize Venter

After a year in the fitness/bodybuilding and bikini scene, I started my training and nutrition coaching with Julian Naidoo. this happened at the end of 2010.

Before I met Julian, I placed 5th at the WPF SA Champs in 2010.

Onwards to Working with Julian

The goal for  Annelize was to improve the overall physique as well as conditioning. That year she placed 2 nd in the woman fitness bikini 165 cm and up category-this was a great accomplishment, as the woman’s bikini had many sponsored athletes.

With the help of Julian Naidoo, I accomplished more than we could expect and hence the reason we are using him to conditioning me for the 2012 and 2013 season.

Most athletes know about diets, as do I, but when it comes to competing there is no set program/diet for all athletes. Julian analyses his athletes, listens to what their feedback is, and creates a program/diet that will give them the best results. He also gets a lot of info/advice from overseas athletes as a result of his friendship with top bodybuilders.

I have no doubt that he is the best trainer for my wife and me and would recommend any serious athletes to consult in him !!