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Julian has over 20 years of experience coaching people, as well as, over 25years of training experience. Having studied Through the Neil Hill Academy and achieved a Level 3 Master Trainer Course Merit, as well as recently been trained by the Legendary Charles Glass ‘Godfather of Bodybuilding ‘ as well as other qualifications.

** no training or diet plans given.


8 Week Weight-Loss Plan

  A fat loss strategy to help you achieve fat loss without any extreme/dangerous methods.

What does this entail:

after a consultation session via online methods that I use,

You would get customized plans as follows:

  • 3 cardio plans that will be implemented at different stages
  • Two diet changes during the plan
  • 2 training plans to follow stage 1 and stage 2
  • Supplement protocols for each phase of the diet
  • Diets are individualized
  • App-based communication and tracking worldwide