Personal Testimonial -Julian M Naidoo

Julian Marcus Naidoo (Jules)


My wonderful career in the bodybuilding/fitness industry began the very first day I walked into a gym in the early ’90s.  Back then gym environments were predominantly male domains, no-frills – nothing like the Virgin Actives’ and Planet Fitness Gyms of today. We are talking hardcore, serious, and raw.

It was not long before I was competing, but with few coaches to mentor young talent in KZN, it was ridiculously hard going.  All the competitors in the industry guarded their secrets well and you were extremely fortunate if someone took you under their wing to mentor and guide you.

It was then I decided that if I were ever able to help others in the sport, I would do so unreservedly.  During my competitive years, I had many successes, but these years were filled with many learning curves.  I had so much to learn about my body, like how to fuel it to get optimum results before a show.  With no Internet back then, everything was learned on the go!

My crowning moment was winning my division at the NABBA show in 1998.  I was told that night that I had come so close to winning overall by the late legend Chris Scott! Fast forward 20 years and I have now amassed a wealth of information, I was fortunate enough to have worked with many big names in the sport and built up a considerable following.

I am proud to say that I have a long list of clients from the businessman and women, to the corporate exec, the house exec to the student. not forgetting the bodybuilders and physique athletes.

My experiences and successes on stage helped me prepare for my success off stage and I continued to study to build my experiential knowledge and always stayed ahead of my game.

I have contributed to a few articles in magazines such as Muscle Evolution, Fitness mag, Longevity, Sunday Times amongst others.


PHOTO: Taken when I prepped to do a guest posing at a small show in Gauteng 2003, weighing in at 92kgs.

This list will provide you with some of my qualifications in my field:


Internship under the Legendary Trainer Charles Glass (trainer of many celebrities and pro-bodybuilders) (Venice Golds Gym)

ISSA – Sports Performance Nutrition (USA)

Neil Hill Academy Y3T Master Trainer (UK)

Sports Nutrition – Universität of FC Barcelona (SPAIN)

IIFT – Personal Trainer Qualification (RSA)

ETA – Exercise in Pregnancy Qualification (RSA)