1. I offer one on one personal training session: I do the entire workout with you making sure you learn firstly how to feel the muscle working that you training and secondly learn exactly where in that muscle are u supposed to feel the exercise working. I do not work on a clock bases (1hr) sessions. I spend enough time with you so that you get it RIGHT!!!!
  2. I offer Nutrition advice and consulting via Skype, email. I answer all emails and queries personally. I am my brand. Via skype in a 30mins skype video call to assist you with all queries and concerns
  3. I offer diet and training plans: Every month I consult and then work out a diet and training plan to suit your individual goals
  4. Seminars: Here I offer group seminars on nutrition, training, supplementation and bodybuilding. I have 14 strong years to date as a coach/ advisor
  5. Bodybuilding and fitness bikini prep Here i sit and analyse every athlete and client individually making the necceasary changes precontest as well as offseason.

I also offer a service to my client that I go with them to some shows to make sure that the nerves are calm and I see to them support wise.

Most of all PHYSIQUE TRANSFORMATION assistance