Jaco and Annelize Venter

My wife and I started our training and nutrition with Julian Naidoo at the end of 2010.This was after a year in the fitness/body building and bikini scene.

She placed 5th at the WPF SA Champs in 2010(before we met with Julian) I placed 2nd in the fitness category-only 2 athletes (weight 67.5kg) I placed 5th at the IFBB SA Champs in the 65kg-70kg category.

Our goals with Julian for me was to gain more muscle mass and compete in a heavier category. My wife’s goals were to improve her body, get harder and place well at SA Champs. I gained 7.3kg and weighed in at 74.8kg at the 2011 SA IFBB Champs (I won the Gauteng Provincials) I placed 3rd at the SA IFBB Champs in the category 70kg-75kg. My wife Annelize placed 2 nd in the woman fitness bikini 165 cm and up category-this was a great accomplishment, as the woman’s bikini had many sponsored athletes.

With the help of Julian Naidoo we accomplished more than we could expect and hence the reason we are using him to condition us for the 2012 and 2013 season.

Most athletes know about diets, as do I, but when it comes to competing there is no set program/diet for all athletes. Julian analyses his athletes, listens to what their feedback is and creates a program /diet that will give them the best results. He also gets a lot of info/advise from overseas athletes as a result of his friendship with top bodybuilders.

I have no doubt that he is the best trainer for my wife and me and would recommend most serious athletes to consult in him

Nhlanhla Mathebula

Up to this far ive tried to do it by myself and didn’t do too badly. Teaming up with Julian Naidoo (jlab) together we have reached conditioning and density I never thought it was possible with my body and we are still going to bring the best package yet because we have been only working together for a couple months and we have done so well I can only imagine what we going to do with more time together.

During our first season of working together 2012 we have done well winning titles like

Rossi Classic mens 80-90kgs as well as overalls
Nabba provincials class 4 as well as overalls
Nabba Nationals 1st class 4
As well as considered for the teams to represent South Africa at wpf universe,
Nabba Universe

Eleanor Nel

After training for a number of years I felt I needed to take my training to the next level, I decided to hire a personal trainer, this was my turning point, the point at which I gained knowledge and understood how my body reacted to certain situations. My trainer assessed my physique, understood what my goals were and gave me an eating and training plan that would see impressive results over a number of months. I finally understood that what I put in my mouth is what eventually shapes me I have become body proud and knowledgeable about my body and its endless limitations. My results would not have been achievable without the support and guidance from my personal trainer Julian Naidoo as well as the most influential person who inspires me to reach deep within myself and be the best that I can be is the love of my life, my husband and child. Love you guys!

Welkom Classic (WPF) Bikini 0/30 2010 1st and Overall
Silverstar Classic (WPF) Bikini U1.63 2010 5th
WPF SAs Bikini U1.63 2010 2nd
IFBB Central Gauteng Provincial Fitness Bikini 0/30 2011 1st
Boksburg Classic Bikini U1.63 2011 3rd
IFBB SA’s Fitness Bikini U1.63 2011 5th
SA X-Treme Fitness Bikini U1.63 2012 6th
Body Beautiful Body Classic 2012 2nd
Rossi Classic Toned Bikini 2012 2nd
All Africa Figure Performance 2012 1st