Jaco and Annelize Venter

My wife and I started our training and nutrition with Julian Naidoo at the end of 2010.This was after a year in the fitness/body building and bikini scene.

She placed 5th at the WPF SA Champs in 2010(before we met with Julian) I placed 2nd in the fitness category-only 2 athletes (weight 67.5kg) I placed 5th at the IFBB SA Champs in the 65kg-70kg category.

Our goals with Julian for me was to gain more muscle mass and compete in a heavier category. My wife’s goals were to improve her body, get harder and place well at SA Champs. I gained 7.3kg and weighed in at 74.8kg at the 2011 SA IFBB Champs (I won the Gauteng Provincials) I placed 3rd at the SA IFBB Champs in the category 70kg-75kg. My wife Annelize placed 2 nd in the woman fitness bikini 165 cm and up category-this was a great accomplishment, as the woman’s bikini had many sponsored athletes.

With the help of Julian Naidoo we accomplished more than we could expect and hence the reason we are using him to condition us for the 2012 and 2013 season.

Most athletes know about diets, as do I, but when it comes to competing there is no set program/diet for all athletes. Julian analyses his athletes, listens to what their feedback is and creates a program /diet that will give them the best results. He also gets a lot of info/advise from overseas athletes as a result of his friendship with top bodybuilders.

I have no doubt that he is the best trainer for my wife and me and would recommend most serious athletes to consult in him

Nhlanhla Mathebula

Up to this far ive tried to do it by myself and didn’t do too badly. Teaming up with Julian Naidoo (jlab) together we have reached conditioning and density I never thought it was possible with my body and we are still going to bring the best package yet because we have been only working together for a couple months and we have done so well I can only imagine what we going to do with more time together.

During our first season of working together 2012 we have done well winning titles like

Rossi Classic mens 80-90kgs as well as overalls
Nabba provincials class 4 as well as overalls
Nabba Nationals 1st class 4
As well as considered for the teams to represent South Africa at wpf universe,
Nabba Universe

Eleanor Nel

After training for a number of years I felt I needed to take my training to the next level, I decided to hire a personal trainer, this was my turning point, the point at which I gained knowledge and understood how my body reacted to certain situations. My trainer assessed my physique, understood what my goals were and gave me an eating and training plan that would see impressive results over a number of months. I finally understood that what I put in my mouth is what eventually shapes me I have become body proud and knowledgeable about my body and its endless limitations. My results would not have been achievable without the support and guidance from my personal trainer Julian Naidoo as well as the most influential person who inspires me to reach deep within myself and be the best that I can be is the love of my life, my husband and child. Love you guys!

Welkom Classic (WPF) Bikini 0/30 2010 1st and Overall
Silverstar Classic (WPF) Bikini U1.63 2010 5th
WPF SAs Bikini U1.63 2010 2nd
IFBB Central Gauteng Provincial Fitness Bikini 0/30 2011 1st
Boksburg Classic Bikini U1.63 2011 3rd
IFBB SA’s Fitness Bikini U1.63 2011 5th
SA X-Treme Fitness Bikini U1.63 2012 6th
Body Beautiful Body Classic 2012 2nd
Rossi Classic Toned Bikini 2012 2nd
All Africa Figure Performance 2012 1st

Marius De Wet


After years of being overweight my wife was very worried and contacted Jules.


In these two months that I’m with Jules I have lost a total of 18kgs. I still have a long road ahead of me but want to thank Jules for getting me here so far. He is very humble and always there for me. I have a long road to go but with a coach like Jules makes it easier. he became my friend but is still professional as a coach. My family and I want to thank Jules for all what he is doing for me. I will recommend anyone that wants to live a healthy lifestyle to contact Jules!! I promise that I will give my all in my transformation pursuit just because my coach committed and dedicated his time in me. He helped me to gain back my self confidence back. I really don’t have the words to thank you enough Jules

Jay Naidoo


Jules has helped me through my journey and is still there as a coach , friend and family . An amazing human being that will always stand by you

“You can motivate by FEAR ,and you can motivate by REWARD. But both those methods are only temporary. The only Lasting thing is self-motivation”

“Good coaching may be defined as the development of charater,personality and habits of players , plus the teaching of fundamentals and team play”


Melissa Thobei

Jules is more than a coach to me . He is an amazing Mentor,a role model and an inspirational figure. He is a man of wisdom and vision. His methods are the most effective ive experienced to date, and I am looking better than I ever have before , all thanks to him. Those who know him and who have been coached by him can seconds that without a doubt!!

He is the paragon of the late Ali’s quote “ float like a butterfly,sting like a bee” That’s Jules right there! Humble yet beastly 100


Reinier Van Vollenstee

 Jules is the most supportive  coach ive ever met , humble and down to earth always putting my health first. He always comes up with the crazy new ways to get my physique to the next level. He always is there to keep me motivated  daily , a true gentlemen .

Essop Khota

 I met Julian about 6 or 7 years ago through a friend and since day one he has gone out his way to help me in the gym and out the gym we worked together from around 2012-2016 His diets were calculated his programs and training techniques helped me grow and learn so much. And whenever I had a problem he was always one phone call away. Thank you Julian ! 


Siva Govinda

I have known Julian aka Jules for bout 13 years now and he has become more than just a coach , he is a friend but most of all a brother to me and mentor ,  he had guided me through more than just bodybuilding , the knowledge he has in this sport is far and beyond ,  there is no doubt that the passion and respect he has will leave a positive and ever lasting effect with anyone he comes in contact with,  A true gentleman and Man of honour


Warren Moodley

I want to  thank coach Julian aka Jules for making my dream come true.
Won NABBA SA’s 2009 and tried to come back 2016 and 2017. I just didn’t have the motivation that I use to have and felt alone.

Jules gave me the tools I needed to succeed through
His work ethic, knowledge, and assistance, guiding me every day, motivating me and constantly checking on my progress.

High highly recommended @juleslab to reach your full potential.


Jules Jlab has provided outstanding diet and training programs for me, during competition seasons  Through his programs I’ve seen a lot of changes on my body the amazing thig is that I only started with the program and diet  a month ago and already there is a lot of improvements .

Personally I think a wrong coach can lead you down a disastrous path of pain, loss, and illne and  the right coach will lead you to your best physique. With all that been said I looking forward to work with him for a longer period of time and believe that he will help me to reach my ultimate goal an an upcoming bodybuilder


Kirsten Jade Nel 

I started competing 2 years ago, and in those 2 years I have trained with and have met a number of personal trainers and coaches.

Although I felt I looked good on stage, I felt terrible afterwards and had trouble getting my physique back into pre-competition shape. The reasons varied from the fad diets I was put onto as well as the methods used for dropping water for the shows.  I then decided to change trainers, as I realised that I was doing damage to my body which would only manifest in years to come. Some of my previous trainers even recommended that I start to take chemicals and injections, although I was only 18 years old at the time.

After much research, and the numerous persons that recommended him, I decided to contact Julian. I wasn’t going to rush into anything as I had done previously, as I had learnt to get to know the personal trainers methods before starting a professional relationship with them.

I wouldn’t call Julian just a “personal trainer”, he is a wellness coach, he is a nutritionist and most importantly he is very knowledgeable about this industry. I know a few athletes that are being trained by Julian all of which have raved about him and his methods.

My personal experiences with Julian have been nothing less than professional, ethical, honest and motivational, something I had not experienced with any of my previous coaches, and He is a great man to work with. Whenever I am feeling demotivated or have any questions to ask, Julian replies within minutes.

I would recommend Julian’s services to any person, whether an athlete wanting to compete, or an individual wanting to get their body into shape.  Julian is attentive, constructive in his criticism and encouraging.



Muhammad Zubi – Professional Fitness and Life Coach

As a professional in both the industry and a former professional sportsmen, every second of performance and cm of muscle and weight counts. Julian grasps this concept and I find his deep knowledge and analytical approach to his training and nutritional methods very valuable. As a person, he comes across as very human and engaging and this coupled with his skills make him an incredibly well rounded trainer.

If you are serious about winning and making every inch count, I would highly recommend Julian as your coach.


Mario De Sousa

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me . i didn’t reach my goal of 75kgs, but that all cause of work . i did pick up 8kgs of lean muscle and went for 61kgs to 69kgs , I’m 10times stronger then what I was . i have spoken to my dad and told him that I need eating time and  training time for next year, please if we could continue from January and I would like to get to 80kg and lean down. thank you once again for everything.
















Personal Testimonial – Julian Marcus Naidoo

My wonderful career in the bodybuilding/fitness industry began the very first day I walked into a gym in the early 1990’s.  Back then gym environments were predominantly male domains, no frills – nothing like the Virgin Active’s and Planet Fitness Gyms that are here today, we’re talking hardcore, serious and raw.

It wasn’t long before I was competing, but with very few coaches to mentor young talent in KZN, it was very hard going.  All the competitors in the industry guarded their secrets well and you were very fortunate if someone took you under their wing to mentor and guide you.

It was then I made the decision I was ever in a position to help others in the sport, I would do so unreservedly.  During my competitive years I had many successes, but these years were filled with many learning curves.  I had so much to learn about my body, like how to fuel it to get optimum results before a show.  With no Internet back then, everything was learnt on the go!

My crowning moment was winning my division at the NABBA show in 1998.  I was told that night that I had come so close to winning overall by the late legend Chris Scott! Fast forward 20 years and I have now amassed a wealth of information, I was fortunate enough to have worked with many big names in the sport, and built up a considerable following.  I am proud to say that I have a long list of clients that have graced the stages in various shows In SA and abroad, many of whom placed high and even won.  Some of my clients went onto become household names in the SA bodybuilding scene.

Over the years some of my clients left to try other trainers, but gradually gravitated back to me when they realized that they could not replicate the training I provided for them and the results that they achieved with me. I have had the pleasure of working with several celebrities and cater for corporate clients too.

My experiences and successes on stage helped me prepare for my success off stage and I continued to study to build my experiential knowledge and always stayed ahead of my game.

This list will provide you with my training experience as well as my qualifications in my field.

IIFT – Personal Trainer Qualification
ETA – Exercise in Pregnancy Qualification
ISSA – Sports Performance Nutrition

Neil Hill Academy Y3T Master Trainer – only approx 62 in the World